Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I love to decorate and change is a passion.  My latest project is to make the above closet into an office.  This is a closet in the second bedroom/sitting room, where I spend most of my time.  Right now my desk, etc. takes up a good deal of space in this already tiny room, so I have great hopes to transform the room.  I shall keep you posted on the progress.

We had gone for several weeks with no snow and then several feet in two days.  My plow guy was here five times.  No snow lately, but it is slippery walking, which I do a great deal of here.

I have found a place for the Grayling, the dog, when I go away.  They love her there, although they did describe her as a bit "velcroy", but were delighted when I called recently to make a booking. And after months and months, I am finally able to let her off leash in the park where I walk her every morning, although this involves a pocket full of biscuits.  She seems to realize now that if she wanders and does not come when I call her that she goes back on the leash.

Here is a picture of her in the cat's bed, which Fellini refuses to sleep in since I washed it, but Grayling finds it to be a rather nice pillow.

MOVIES - I have even been to the theater and seen movies on a BIG SCREEN.  As you know, I mostly rely on Netflix for my entertainment, so it was quite a culture shock to go to the theater.  I saw "The Last Quartet", "Hitchcock" and "Lincoln"....all good, yet all too long.

BOOKS - I had read Privileges by Jonathan Dee which I liked, so went back to read some of his earlier books.  Just finished Palladio, which was well written, but way too long.  It reminded me of Atlas Shrugged.
I am now in memoir stage reading The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe, which is very good, and What I thought I Knew by Alice Eve Cohen.


  1. A blank page! But what will you turn your talented sights on next? With your tiny-almost-perfect-as-it-is house, will there be enough challenges?? I love Gray on her 'pillow'. Heaven forbid you washed it! I am saving up some decorating 'needs' for your visit...

  2. Yes, yes, yes, please do keep us updated on your "remodeling" project with posts and pictures! So much fun to watch.

    Love the picture of Grayling on the cat's bed. Animals sure are funny.

    I'm looking forward to seeing "Lincoln" as soon as Netflix has it.

    You can be sure I won't touch Palladio with a ten foot pole if it reminded you of Atlas Shrugged. I had to read that onerous book for a class once and found it to be THE MOST boring book ever published! I do enjoy hearing of what you've been reading though. Always good for ideas!

  3. It's always great to see a new installment of The Gray Zone. Let us know if Fellini returns to his bed after Grayling gets the detergent smell out of it. I saw Lincoln on New Years Eve with some friends and really liked it. "Argo" was the other fairly recent (is it still around?) movie I thought was great. Happy New Year ! Margaret