Thursday, January 24, 2013



This is my new office, completed today with the electrician coming to add an outlet.  I have a few more things to add, but it is compact and has space for all my office needs.  It frees up the little guest/sitting room incredibly.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.............thanks Tim for your wonderful craftsmanship.


  1. Amazing! And what a fantastic eye you have for decorating!

  2. Oh, Sylvie, it's wonderful!!! I love that painting over your desk... :) What a great and useful space - I bet the den/guest room looks twice the size it did! I like the color of the paint, too. Very "up" and bright.

    1. Of course Susan, the picture is thanks to you! It fits in so beautifully.

  3. Your new office is very neat, tidy and compact. All the places seem to be in proper order and arranged in a harmonious way. I am also planning to have my own office at home for my convenience. Just imagine waking up and taking a few steps, next thing you know, you're inside your office to work at your leisure. I hope it turns out as organized as yours!

    Clayton Steadham

  4. You really maximized the space for your office! You have enough to store all your documents with those counters that you have on the wall. That's a smart way of making space for a couch for your guests. It has been five months after this post and I bet your guests are loving your office. Well, I think you're loving it more than they do. :D