Wednesday, November 28, 2012


No, I don’t only have one electrical outlet in my little house (806 sq. ft.), but I can clean my entire house from one outlet in 10 minutes.  I do only have one thermostat.  The property consists of two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, living room/dining room, full basement, small back yard, a deck and a garage.  And you know what?  I really only use three of the main rooms, and the bathroom.  I love it!

                                             Guest/Computer/Reading Room

I had Thanksgiving here.  There were eight of us, four were children.  I had put art paper on the kids' table with markers and pencils and this kept them occupied very nicely.  It helped too that one of the guests was an artist who had as much fun with it as the kids.

                                             Zuzu, Brian, Henry and Eli
                          Fellini:  Gray?  Do you like this place?  I wish I could
                                      go outside.
                          Gray: It's OK. I love the kids, but I sure wish I didn't have
                                      to be on a leash all the time.
BOOKS:  I read a great deal here and recently have read a couple of books by young authors that I really enjoyed.  One of them is Peter Geye who has written two books, Safe From the Sea and The Lighthouse Road.  The other author is Canadian, Dianne Warren, and the book is Juliet in August.  I so look forward to their upcoming books.  Richard Russo's memoir of his mother Elsewhere is a great read too.

I will try to post more now that things have settled down.


  1. Love your ottoman! And that photo makes your kitchen look enormous (or makes Grayling look tiny).

  2. Hi, Sylvia! Great to have a post from you with pictures! Your house looks like something out of House Beautiful. (Is that still a published magazine these days?) Bigger is NOT always better and the thought of being able to clean the house in 10 minutes is inspiring! Look forward to hearing more from Gray and Fellini . . . and you, of course! ;o}

  3. Your place looks so homey and much bigger than 806'
    It was so nice to see you - thanks for coming out to play!

  4. I see that Gray managed to be in most of the photographs...and her golden gray head would have been visible at the Thanksgiving table if she were not banished... I LOVE the new chair and ottoman! You are right - that chair is perfect. Such a lovely, cosy, warm little house.